Why specialists recommend the use of e-wallets over credit cards

The e-wallet has rocked the digital world, making mobile devices function for payment transactions. It has the power to replace cash and is time-saving. An e-wallet is as good as what it contains, and when one has a functional wallet with their preferred payment methods, it has the capacity to do more. 


What it contains

An e-wallet is like a physical wallet. What it contains is what you can spend. What it has needs to include the capacity for funds to come in. An e-wallet is a digital representation of your physical wallet. What a physical wallet typically contains is cash, a debit card, a credit card, checks, and a bank ATM. All of these and more have evolved to make it possible for you to place it into a mobile app, like the one from nelfin.co.uk, which is the electronic wallet, also known as an e-wallet or a digital wallet.

What it can do

These e-wallets can store, send, and receive funds. Certain e-wallets can be used to access bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards for a payment transaction. There are the e-wallets that can be used for peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers.

For cashless transaction 

The e-wallet is responsible for being able to turn many transactions into a cashless one. It is possible to use such apps for online and offline payments. There is a money service app that functions as a basic e-wallet and can do more, as it enables you to do multiple transactions. 

To be linked 

Yet, another thing that it is capable of it to get funds from the linked account, such as a debit card. A debit card is prepaid, meaning that you have to load it. Having limited funds, you can make sure that your transactions are safer.

Using credit cards

When you use a credit card, there is the possibility of it being subject to unauthorized access. Fraudulent transactions happen because credit card information may fall into the wrong hands. These payments can be made inadvertently by a child who gets to buy something for their game or by someone who gets to steal your identity. There are also phishing emails, scam websites, trial offers, and hackers that may use your credit card for their gain. 

Stolen credit cards

When you have a physical card, it might get stolen. If it does, before being able to report to the credit card company that it is missing, the person who got it might use it to go shopping or cash out. It is a known fact that stolen credit cards are maxed out. The person who owns the card is stuck, as they have to pay, as the liability belongs to them.

It is good to have credit

Credit cards are good to own because you have the trust of the bank or the credit union. You can spend money and make payments to the card company in the future. Credit makes you capable of spending more. When you own the right money service e-wallet, it has the digital credit card payment solutions.